A contemporary approach to classic design.

Furniture and design studio based in Bury St Edmunds, UK.

Our Story

Formed in 2020, the aim of MODO is to deliver forward thinking furniture. This is achieved by drawing inspiration from timeless pieces and shaping aesthetically striking materials such as tile, glass and terrazzo into future classics.

All our products are designed and built with quality as a priority to ensure each piece has the strength to accommodate the varied needs of our customers, from family homes to busy restaurants and retail stores.

All our tiled furniture is CAD designed and manufactured from sheet steel, which is fabricated and cut using a CNC stamp machine, providing a highly precise, light and extremely strong frame. This is then cladded with cement/foam tile backer board, which provides a waterproof base for the tiles.

Unlike other companies that use wooden frames, our patented manufacturing process guarantees a stable product that can be used inside and out, ensuring our furniture will last a life time.